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I was talking to Kee An, my primary 4 classmate on facebook. I remembered that we always chatted in class. He was rather girly.. Haha. Then, there was racial harmony day I think, I had a hana painting( I dont know how to spell it, anyway its a Malay like of painting girls paint on their hands). While everyone was pressing their noses and complaining about the smell, he was the only one who stopped and admired the painting. He sat beside me cause .. I think cause.. I talked to much to a girl called XiuHuan ( who taught me how to pinch in a way that is the most painful ).

Mrs *** was my form teacher, I was in the 2nd class and cause of that I was always the last few in class. She didnt like me.. In fact she was biased. When she treated Kee An nicely cause he was the 2nd in class while she humiliated me (maybe accidentally *shrugs* .. -.- ) cause I was the 2nd counting from the back. Sigh. I should have been in the 3rd class.. Primary 5, I dropped to the 6th class..(2nd class of EM2 cause there were 4 classes of EM1, the 3rd and 4th class of EM1 students are.. not really qualified to be EM1 but they were the ones who opted for it.. THATS WHAT I FEEL..) She was my form teacher again. Since I was from the 2nd class. And I am one of the smarter students there, I was appointed as the class monitor with another boy who was from the 2nd class also. Then, her attitude towards me changed drastically. Since I was the smarter few. Maybe I am too sensitive. While everyone liked her a lot, I didn't at all.

I saw Mrs ***'s photo, she already has 2 kids, one girl and a boy. When I was in Primary 6, in the first class of EM2, 5th class, her tummy(womb) was bloated. Haha. Time flies. Really. How scary. Maybe when I look back at the next time, I have already gotten married. Haha.. I don't know.

There we 16 people in the tour group. There were 3 kids, 2 of them were siblings and were really cute. Megan and Luke.
At first Luke and Megan and I weren't close. We needed time to warm up. Hahaa.

Later, the little boy kept wanting to hold my hand. Haha. He even hugged me, his head was at my waist since he was so tiny. He kissed the people whom he likes. Haha

Megan(7) and Luke(4)

cheeky boy haha.

Dec. 9th, 2009

Off to the airport. Fatfat called me and we talked until I had to go. While he called, there was a little boy whining and crying the background(didn't know he was in my tour group) haha. We went to Jilong I think, we settle our dinner there. The xiao chi there was only so-so, nothing very extraordinary. We couldn't eat in peace as fireworks were present and shouts were blared and amplified, adding on to the noise pollution. Lol. Nothing much.

I bought these there ~

stamps :D

Fatfat's birthday ~ We went to Jiufen, an old street to shop and eat our lunch. Later we went to Yilan, where Zaizai from F4 lives. Haha. It is more of a rural area than an urban one.

There were ducklings there, there were really cute, at least before I saw their shit stuck on their fur -.- There were many things to play with, like large bubbles you can make,

making of tangyuan, ducky race ~

writing our wishes on the kongming lattern and setting it off,

rubbing a metal like bowl to create vibrations which will cause transverse waves in the water(water ripples), and also longitudinal waves when sound is produced. lol. (See I didn't throw away my physics stuff *smiles proudly*) I was so happy that I was able to create the ripples and made water splash out, it is a rare chance that I get to master something. Hahaha! Others like my family and the other people there had a hard time and could not rub in a correct manner so that the water will splash out.

I purposely woke up at 5.45am so that I can witness a sunrise in Taiwan. Sadly, it was too foggy. Tsk, wasted my sleeping time. Haha. The sun was supposed to rise at 6.22am. Ahh this day is really boring. We went to the museum-History.

Then we went so damn far to see a pathetic waterfall. Lol.. Later we went to Shilin night market and I bought 2 tops. I wore them for the next few days cause they were all long-sleeved, suitable to wear in Taiwan since the weather there is cool. Boring day ~


Early in the morning, we went to pluck tomatoes. There is a very weird variety there-some looked like penises, boobs, peaches, lemons, cherries etcetc. And their names were really funny. I tried the tomato juice they blended on the spot, and I almost vomitted. I can't take the taste of tomatoes. Later we went to another old street to eat lunch. The atmosphere there was great but the food there was the complete opposite. It was really ancient looking. Later we headed to a suspension bridge. (nothing spectacular really)

We headed to a temple after that. I didn't go in cause I was not supposed to. Bought more keychains and I needed the loo. In Taiwan, there are veryvery few toilets. My mum accompanied me to the loo. She almost led me to the wrong place, luckily I remembered how to walk back if not I wouldn't be here now. She forgot where the loo was and led me into the temple! (remember I'm not supposed to go in there) Besides we went in by the centre where the Gods enter the temple, everyone is supposed to enter the temple on the left >.< Then she realised the toilet was not in it.. Oh man.. I said sorry and we left the temple.. Sigh this has been bugging me..

this is the temple.

When we went back to the hotel, I used the toilet to pee, the toilet bowl chocked. Plumber came and saved the day. Later I went in to use the toilet again, chocked, plumber saved the day again ~ But we changed rooms cause the toilet bowl keeps chocking -.- ( Mum and I shared a room while ciwin and dad shared another). Mum and I headed to Dad's room, mum broke down. She said she was scared cause she almost lose her way(while bringing me to the loo). Then I voiced my worries about going in the temple when I am not supposed to and we went in via the centre..

I hope nothing happens to me. I promised Fatfat I will come back safely. I will okay? (5/dec)

Oh ya I saw a doggy :D


Today, we went to the hotel to eat breakfast and headed to another temple at RiYeTan. I went in to chouqian. The procedure was rather interesting. Then we went to the peacock park to see white peacocks, normal ones and peahens. They stink though, probably due to the birdshit and stuff. Later we went to another night market to shop and eat, and I chose my birthday present :D and I bought 2 tops, probably for new year.

This is the white ones ~ and the normal ones.

I just came out of the hotspring :D haha. funfun.

the heart thing i used my mouth and timer to take the photo la. cause i was alone in the wenquan.


We went to a place where they sold tealeaves and we went for lunch ( yuck ) then we went to a Fengshui place to read our names to tell us about our life.. rather zhun/accurate eh, quite fun. Haha. Later we went to Ximending. Hmm bought things to eat and bought an overall and we left~ We also went to the place where there were soldiers ( all the men there were 1.76m or taller.)

One of the 6 days we went to a place which sells pearl powder, another is the I don't know what alishan place.

Hello, reccently I have lots of activities lined up for me. Gathering after gathering. After O levels, Samuel and I decided to work out at the gym, however after around 30 minutes (or was it less than half an hour) I would ask him if he wanted to eat dinner even though it was only 5pm. WE FAILED ! ahaha.

Before prom, I went out with Siying and talked a lot. We saw and heard a girl cry very loud when we were eating at Mos Burger. lol. It reminded me when I broke down in the foodcourt of Lot1, then I was with Siying as well.

Prom came along, and our class bimbo (who is called a bimbo just because she reacts slow), Xueyun was the Prom queen. She won the best smile too. YAY ~ :D so glad that she won.

After prom I had a class gathering at West Coast Park. Xihui and I said we would stick together because we know what to do there. We dont play volleyball. We went to fly the kites. At first I failed miserably, later Qixiang taught me how to fly it and it was sucessful :D

Xihui la, she said why dont you fly the kite and lie down on the grass. And I did. She followed suit. In the beginning, the kite started to drop, later we were sucessful. Then it started pouring so we ran to the shelter. Guess what. Our whole body was itching after that. BECAUSE OF THE STUPID GRASS ON THE DIRTY FIELD. omg so itchy. Typing about it now makes me feel itchy too. ): I walked in the rain to wash away the dirt. Both of us went to try the facilities and structures there. We kept screaming and laughing as we played on one of them. IT WAS REALLY FUN ! hahaha ! It was super tiring ! Then we dragged Alfred and Samuel along to play with us. They suggested climbing up the pyramid, Xihui was so scared of it. haha cute xihui. Later we hang around and left le. AND MY SLIPPERS SPOILT CAUSE I HAVE TO PUSH XIHUI ON ONE OF THE STRUCTURES CAUSE SHE WAS STUCK AHHAHA ! I walked bare footed home form WCP. Hahah. Xihui felt so apologetic afterwards. Aiyoh its not your fault la.. Its the sands fault. HAHA.

OH YA zhaokai wanted to plan a surprise party for Brina's birthday 27/nov. Then Alfred Ky and I planned for ZHAOKAIS BIRTHDAY PARTY ! His birthday - 29/nov but we celebrated on 27/nov. He was surprised. hahah ! YAY ! Zhao kais cake is the hello kitty one. while brina's cake is the power ranger one. HAHA

Then just yesterday, the biology students of M1, T2 and T1 had a gathering at Mrs Josephs house. We went to CCAB to sing KTV and ate pizza adn KFC. Had quite a lot of fun. But not as much as the gathering at WCP (even though my bare feet attract a lot of stares on my way home). Maybe it is because I was not close with some people there. Several people kept hogging onto the mike so not everyone had an equal chance of singing. Ah well. I hid the mike :X and jiewei and I kept laughing. Later there was an MTV for "Im so lost without you" I think.. then there was a man who was in the wild hunting for animals. I can't stop laughing. It does not have any link with love nor lost. LOL. Xihui still said that "Why is there a man in the wild?!" Then so happen the man was taking out his bow and arrow. HAHA ~

Okay ~ I go le bb ~

HMV stands for his master's voice. sam told me. cause weida told him. and so i told siying. i wanted to tell her since it was interesting at least to me. but didnt dare to. hahaha ~

Nov. 15th, 2009

One by one gone.
What is left?
Those that are left will be gone soon.
I just have to get used to it.
Not going to place any hopes on anything anymore.

Yesterday I went to see Kaixin haha.
She seems to welcome me and enjoy my company.
I shared my dinner with her.
When we were about to leave,
she made noise and wanted me to carry her.
I hope she was happy when I was there.
Last few days we brought her to my home and I brought her to swim.
She "swam" for the first time.
She kept squealing and greeted everyone who walked past.
I miss her.

hello (:

O levels are finally over. Not quite actually. Haha. I did my best, I studied, nothign to fret about. During the whole of 3 weeks I was relaxing and slacking off. I didn't want to give myself too much stress since I had nothing left to do except for revision.

Anyway, I am pretty upset at 2 of my friends.. One of them lied to me. If you really don't want me around just tell me, just don't give me excuses and lies. When I saw you with ___ I was so upset, I just have to hide it. The other made use of me. When he/she didn't need me, he/she just chucked me aside. Like I am an irritating leeach. If I don't help him/her, I will seem rude and uncaring. What to do?

Where do I stand? No where probably. I guess our relationships are just one sided. I treated them so dearly but I am like no one to them. Maybe only an aquintance or a stranger. I don't know why friendships are breaking down.

Reccently I have been hanging out with Dionne, bonding(Singapore) with her after papers at the boring Lot 1. I am glad that I still have her. We did childish things and giggled at manequins with their plastic boobs exposed due to its loose dress. Haha, we played touchy games and I am touchy no. 3 while she is no. 4. Her friendships are not working out as well. That is most probably why she has been hanging out with me. Haha. Pajiao (: 
Let us hope that our friendships problems will be solved. Hope they will contact you before O levels end. At least you still go to prom with them. Haha.

Right after Biology paper 2, I rushed to my Granny's house to see my beloved Kaixin. It has been almost a month or more than a month since I saw her. (: She has grown quite a lot. She kept smiling and crying too. Hahaha. When she stuck her finger into her nose I told her, "Cannot!" and she started wailing. Sensitive lil baby. Later when I was about to leave, she hugged me from the side and kissed my cheek (: I hope she will be healthy and happy.

Later I went home alone.
Sometimes it is good to be alone.

Sep. 17th, 2009

I can't understand why certain groups of people have to steorotype. I am sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Even how hard I try, just because I am stupid, they link it back to the status I am in. Why nobody sees the effort I put in? So what if you work hard, as long you are in THAT STATUS and you are STUPID they will steorotype. Its so FUCKING UNFAIR. Whats their fucking problem? Why do people always say that PROCESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART NOT THE OUTCOME. Whatever okay? People just say things cause they sound nice, they know the meaning yet use it conveniently - without meaning what they say. No one regconises the process, they only care about the outcome, this is the reality. If you do badly, it's cause of yourself, or MY FUCKING STATUS. They don't realise that I can draw a line and I have other problems as well. Why must everything be tied to that effing fact? These people are shallow. So shallow.

Its supposed to be our own problem, why should other people come in and disrupt everything and just make things worse. Trying to make things better for us? My foot. Doing things without thinking and yet their occupation are known for imparting knowledge and logic and even LIFE SKILLS to people. What a joke.

Ya, and someone said we must set a goal for ourselves, but that someone is setting that goal for us. We are all working towards THAT SOMEONE'S GOAL, and we lose our goal in life. Wow, and we are asked to think about what we want to be, what goal we want to achieve, what raw score we want to get. Bullshit. So we are living our lives for the sake of "our" goal.

Sep. 15th, 2009

Sigh, my brother just hit me. Its a daily affair. Everyday its like that, hit me for just a puny reason.. I have no strength to defend myself. Just hope my parents are at home when anything happens.

Sep. 12th, 2009

Hey, went out with Siao Bee yesterday. I went through Chemistry with her while she went through Physics with me. Sadly Siao Cat didn't join. We talked quite a lot and went to the shop :D and we bought Siao Cat an ez-link sticker cause we wanted to buy ourselves one each, and we didn't want to leave Siao Cat out. We were very indecisive since the choices there were quite aplenty. CAT got hello kitty, BEE got cinamonroll, BUN got some boy. lolol. All from sanrio :D I hope Cat likes what we bought her.

I kind of regret not buying the cheaper one ): The panda one ): howhow. lolol.
I don't know why some people behave completely different infront of different groups of people. Won't we lose who we really are?

I stayed over at my cousin's house since Saturday night to Sunday evening. Haha. Watched my HANDSOME GUY ! haha. Gu Jun Pyo, Lee Minho. hahaa. Then watched more teevee then I turned in with my aunt and cousin. Just relaxed there. Hahaha. I went to Lot1 with Yuwei to buy her shorts while I bought a scarf/shawl from Cotton On. Ate. Home.

Nothing to blog about. Stomach ache ):

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